Meritus Ventures Featured on April 21, 2013 Episode of Fox Business Network’s Business Update

Monday April 22, 2013

London, KY and Oak Ridge, TN - Meritus Ventures was featured in an episode of Business Update, a news program focused on exploring the hottest business topics and trends from Main Street to Wall Street.  The Business Update episode, which was produced by DMG Productions of Jupiter, Florida, aired on April 21, 2013 at 5:00 p.m. EDT on Fox Business Network.  The segment focused on the economic and social impacts of developmental venture capital, highlighting the Meritus Ventures team and portfolio of companies.

"We anticipated watching these stories unfold and were eager to provide our viewers with this behind-the-scenes look at the unique companies who are helping to stimulate our economy and expand business through the country," said Sarah Cass, Creative Director for DMG Productions and the Business Update series.

"We hope this video helped to dispel the myth that rural and low-income areas lack talented entrepreneurs and promising high growth investment opportunities," said Ray Moncrief, co-founder and co-manager of Meritus Ventures.  "Our team has a long track record of successful investing in under-invested areas like the U.S. Southeast and the Appalachian region, providing much needed capital and guidance to promising small businesses."

"We were honored to be featured in Business Update as a leader in the field of developmental venture capital," added Grady Vanderhoofven, co-founder and co-manager of Meritus Ventures.  "We invested time and capital to identify and support talented entrepreneurs and promising businesses in geographies that historically have not attracted venture capital.  The growth of those businesses, and the wealth and jobs that have been created, are testaments to the multiple benefits of impact investing."

About Meritus Ventures:

Meritus Ventures is the only Rural Business Investment Company (RBIC) in the United States.  The $36.5M venture capital fund invests to realize attractive returns for the Fund's investors while creating wealth and jobs in rural areas of central and southern Appalachia and Arkansas.  In addition to providing investment capital, the Fund may provide operational assistance to its portfolio companies.  For more details on Meritus Ventures and its investment profile and criteria, please visit:

Media Contact:  Melissa Muendel,, 865-220-1715

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